What is Talking Tortoise: The Tourist Attraction Agency? 

09 April 2024

Team Tortoise

It all started following the coronavirus pandemic, when our founders and husband-and-wife team, Jessica and Martin, decided to focus part of the business on offering our services to tourist attractions. The transition is a result of their deep-rooted love for zoos and farm parks. 

The impact that visiting a tourist attraction has on individuals of all ages is profound, as it is a proven mood booster that leaves visitors with lasting memories. From the contagious laughter of children to the smiles of adults, there’s an undeniable magic when exploring tourist attractions. It’s this feeling that helped motivate Jessica and Martin’s decision; they experience it often when visiting attractions with their three children. 

We have since become experts in the field of tourist attraction marketing for zoos, stately homes and farm parks, and we’ve had to do so to make this evolution successful. 

The proof is in the pudding, and you can hear about it from our testimonials and our latest news and projects: Tortoise Talk. But how do these services that we tailor to tourist attractions differ from our general services as Talking Tortoise? 

Here are five of the services that we offer and how they’re specifically tailored to our clients in the tourism industry:

PR and creating your image

We help elevate and sustain a captivating image for your tourist attraction through our expertise. From crafting compelling press releases to organising press events, we secure extensive coverage in both digital and print media. Discover in detail more about our PR services

Social media creation and management

We take your online presence to new heights with tailored social media services designed specifically for your tourist attraction agency. We not only create engaging and informative content but also seamlessly manage your social pages, acting as an extension of your team. Our goal is to captivate audiences and enhance your attraction’s digital footprint. Our page dedicated to our social media services dives into the specific ways we can enhance your social media. 

Event Management

Through planning and coordinating events and promotions, we help attract visitors and ensure that they have the best experience. Whether it’s the grand unveiling of a new exhibit, the introduction of a charming animal to your zoo or farm park, or the celebration of seasonal events, we drive attendance with strategic marketing, influencer collaboration, and social media campaigns. Our event management services ensure seamless execution from start to finish. 

Market research

Through conducting marketing research, we help navigate the current landscape of tourist attractions. We delve into understanding your target audience, market trends, and competitors, enabling us to design highly effective marketing and PR campaigns. By aligning strategies with your target audience, we ensure that your tourist attraction stands out in a competitive market.

Digital marketing

We harness the power of online platforms to promote your tourist attractions effectively, with each digital marketing campaign crafted with precision to reach your target audience. Utilising a range of digital channels and market research, our strategies are specifically tailored to enhance the visibility and appeal of your destination. Explore all of our marketing services.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to give tourist attractions their voice. We believe in helping them not just exist but stand out, both online and in the physical world—creating awareness, generating interest, and ultimately attracting visitors. Join us on this incredible journey as we embark on new chapters, tell captivating stories, and elevate brands to new heights. You can read more about our story here

And so, we’d like to formally introduce you to the Tourist Attraction Agency, and we couldn’t be more excited to cut the ribbon to focus this part of our business on our passions.

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