Tiny antelope arrives at Midlands Zoo

02 April 2024

Tiny Dik Dik antelope arrives at Midlands Zoo.

One of the world’s smallest species of antelope has arrived at a Midlands Zoo just in time for the end of the Easter holidays. Twiglet, the female Dik-Dik antelope, measures just over 35 centimetres at the shoulder and she has arrived at All Things Wild in Honeybourne from Wild Discovery Zoo near Preston. 

In the wild, Dik-Dik are found throughout Eastern, Central and Southern Africa. Although they are not the smallest species of antelope found in the world, they only measure between 30 and 40 centimetres when fully grown. A fully grown Dik-Dik’s height is substantially smaller than the impressive 1.6 metres in height of the world’s largest antelope, the Common Eland. 

Twiglet has arrived at All Things Wild as part of a co-ordinated international breeding effort to protect the species for future generations. It is hoped that a male companion will arrive at the zoo later this year. Although Dik-Diks are not currently endangered, some localised populations of wild Dik-Dik are under threat from both poaching and habitat encroachment. 

“Dik-Diks are very shy and timid animals,” said All Things Wild’s Animal Manager, Matthew Parker. “They are also incredibly unusual, with a prehensile proboscis which reminds some people of an elephant’s trunk.” 

“We are delighted to have Twiglet at All Things Wild and are very pleased to be supporting yet another international breeding programme. Although many populations of Dik-Dik antelope remain in good numbers across large parts of Africa, there is emerging evidence to suggest that some localised populations are dwindling due to common issues such as habitat loss and poaching for illegal markets.” 

All Things Wild is a 25-acre zoo located in Honeybourne, near Stratford-upon-Avon. The zoo is home to animals including zebra and camels as well as a large dinosaur discovery park containing life size dinosaur sculptures. 

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