Image of Michael Knight

Michael Knight

Director, Fife Zoo

Jessica has been able to successfully secure local and national press coverage for Fife Zoo to support important developments during 2022. The recent press secured in response to a story about our marmosets had significant reach with coverage on BBC, STV and in national printed publications such as The Daily Record. Her vast experience in marketing has enabled the zoo to produce a marketing strategy to support our continued growth and expansion. I look forward to the continued collaboration between Fife Zoo and Talking Tortoise.

Image of Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown

Vitalize IT

Jess has opened my eyes to the potential of social media marketing on LinkedIn. She has created excellent content and enabled us to grow our prospect lists dramatically through connections.

The content has also attracted innovative suppliers to Vitalize, enabling us to expand our value.

After an initial vendor-funded project, we have decided to continue to work with Jess and her team.

Image of Ben Homans

Ben Homans 

ESG Productivity & Skills Manager at Lloyds Banking Group

Jessica was introduced to me recently, where I could see how professional, knowledgeable and helpful she was straight away. The 9 years of experience in marketing really had shone through. This was evident yesterday when delivering the LinkedIn 101 session which was so insightful, interesting and a great addition to the networking event I had organised. There was a brilliant buzz around the room and Jess was personable to the attendees. Highly recommended and was a pleasure to work with you. Really excited to work with you in the new year! Thanks Jess!

Image of John Crawshaw

John Crawshaw

Book Author

I have been working with Jessica and Talking Tortoise for 6 months now and not only have they lifted the heavy burden of media and marketing for my author brand, their energy, enthusiasm and professionalism has opened up possibilities I never thought possible. First class communication and friendly, innovative approach makes it a delight to work with them.

Image of Sharon Stephens

Sharon Stephens

Exhibitions, Signage, Marketing

Having been at a local networking event where Jessica was presenting, I was inspired to develop my LinkedIn profile to great affect. I then took the opportunity of a free marketing session in my workplace. This provided me with enhanced skills and ideas for developing my marketing plans in the future. I would definitely recommend Jess for anyone looking for support with their marketing. Knowledgeable, friendly and very personable.

Image of Amy Wills

Amy Wills

Sales Executive

Having recently worked with Jessica, I can honestly say she is fantastic to collaborate with. She is personable, highly knowledgeable in her field and very generous with her time. It has been a pleasure working with Jessica and Talking Tortoise and I look forward to working together further in the future.

Image of Dave James

Dave James

Life coach

Apparently, when I met Jess for the second time, I made her laugh within 40 seconds.

Now that might sound like more of a recommendation for me, but it should tell you all you need to know about how cool Jess is and what working with her could be like.

I was lucky enough to meet her and Martin at an event last year where she was speaking about how to use LinkedIn properly. That session itself was hugely valuable and there was loads to take away from that and use easily and quickly.

I don’t have a chance to sit with her for a couple of hours and talk through my marketing and social media strategy (which, if you know me is minimal to say the least).

Most people I talk to about this kind of work just don’t get who I am, and that ultimately I am my brand, but Jess got this straight away.

She gave me some really useful stuff to look at and identified places I’d already got content that I could re-purpose, tweak and generally use in a hassle-free way.

So if you ask me if I recommend Jess and the answer is yes. Mainly because she’s really good at what she does, but also because she’s a lovely human being.

If you’ve got questions about branding and social media and anything to do with building your business in those areas then give her a call.

Now I need to work out how to make her laugh quicker…

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Daniel Ainsworth

Senior Marketing Manager UKI at Software AG

Jess worked with myself in the development and execution of social strategies. She took the time to understand the objectives of the strategy, the audience we were targeting and how best to provide value to them.

Jess built relevant stakeholder audiences around key sales and business development people in Tech Data. She ensured a regular cadence of engaging content to push out through the chosen profiles, this helped position the individuals as thought leaders in their networks.

The engagement and responses from Jess's social strategies were by far the most effective of the communication strategies we used in Tech Data. Jess was a hugely valuable addition to the marketing function, in the quality of her work, punctuality and supportive demeanour. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend or work with Jess again.

Image of Richard Bonner

Richard Bonner

Founder, Rebar Consulting. Retail & Commercial Strategy & Proposition. Capital & Property Transformation. Leadership & Change.

I worked with Jess on a project to relaunch and refresh a tech company eco system. Jess was a real asset which called upon her marketing, PR and social expertise but also and equally important, Jess was dedicated, supportive and an excellent sounding board across a whole variety of topics. First rate! I’d throughly recommend Jess and hope to one day work with her again myself.

Image of Joseph Housley

Joseph Housley

Founder at Stormworks Studios

I have worked in partnership with Jessica and the fantastic team at KAD Technology for several years now. Jess is an exceptionally talented and hard working individual who has a deep understanding of the IT sector. She is a thoroughly wonderful person to work with and though various project we have worked on together we have become a great friends. Her expertise, organisation and attention to detail make her a brilliant partner for any business who is looking for a fresh perspective on their companies marketing efforts.

Image of Mike Abate

Mike Abate

Business Development Manager - Augmented and Virtual Reality

I have had the real pleasure of working with Jess for quite some time now.

She has always had fresh ideas to bring to the table and unbeatable turnaround time for execution.

Best part is that you can tell she really loves her job and works on every task with a real passion, delivering amazing results from the word GO with all the hard work she puts into it.

She has helped my social media community grow massively since we first spoke and has helped me produce amazing video content.

I highly recommend Jess, she is truly an unique expert in her field.

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Ian Hemming

Area Account Manager at CORE HYGIENE LIMITED

Jessica has been inspirational and incredibly helpful during my Dark Times.

Jessica gave me the confidence to get back on my feet and to look forward to a new job/future. That was back in 2019 and since then life has been great.

I will never be able to repay Jessica but what I can do is tell people what a amazing person she is👍❤️

Image of Corin Wright

Corin Wright

The Practice Builder Methodology is a process that empowers our channel partners to accelerate a solutions practice.

We worked very closely with Jess as she guided us on our social awareness strategies. Jess is still very much engaged with us and is key to ensuring our social voice stays true and continues to be at the forefront of our communications activities.

Image of Jess Tyley

Jess Tyley

Marketing Director at Westcoast Limited

The full day’s social media training with Jessica was very informative and helped us see the opportunity with social media and to build a strategy. Even the small changes we’ve made so far through the training have increased the engagement we are getting with our channel partners.

Image of Nick Connors

Nick Connors

Digital director at House

Jessica helped create a digital marketing strategy which she expertly delivered through social media. It was a pleasure dealing with Jessica while she was at Cookson and she would be a real asset to any marketing team.

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