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Build and enhance your reputation with Talking Tortoise’s PR services

PR is an effective communicative marketing tool that can super boost your offering. Whether you’re looking to launch a killer digital PR campaign, improve your SEO ranking or drive traffic to your website/location, then PR is the strategy for you.

We create visibility for your business that not only reaches into new client bases, but proves your credibility, helping you build your reputation.

What PR Services do we offer?

Digital and Print Coverage

Our cultivated relationship with various media professionals, can create positive coverage for your business, from digital publications to newspapers to live TV. 

Press Release Copywriting and Proof-reading

We craft compelling narratives that capture the attention of media outlets to increase the likelihood of coverage. Our extensive proofreading ensures that your story is well-crafted and completely accurate. 

Spokesperson Service

We can act as the official representative of your company. As skilled communicators, we can convey your message, promote your service and engage with the media on your behalf. This is crucial for shaping public perception and maintaining a positive image. 

Organic and Press Association Distribution

Whether it’s an organic spread of content that encourages a natural process of sharing, visibility and engagement or press associated that purposefully targets news and media outlets to attain traction, we can offer either service.

TV/Radio Appearances and Coverage

PR is crucial for securing radio and TV coverage. Through various strategies we can put you under the spotlight, maximising visibility and credibility to reach your target audience. Check out Tortoise Talk to see some of our previous work and upcoming projects.

Enquiry Management

We can handle your enquiries, media queries and information requests from various sources; ensuring timely and accurate responses to maintain positive relationships.  

Digital Photography

Providing a visual output that compliments your messaging is key for engaging content. By enhancing your photography, it can encourage your communication and storytelling. 


Blogs provide a platform for you to share your story in a detailed and personalised way whilst shaping public perception through a compelling narrative that aligns with your values, missions and goals. 

LinkedIn Ghost Writing and Support

We can serve as your ghost writer for LinkedIn. Working closely with you to ensure we speak in your voice, with your values and overall PR strategy in mind, maximising the impact of your LinkedIn content.

Diary Management

Professionally organise your time, plan strategic activities and ensure effective communication with consumers through diary management. From appointment coordination to media engagement, we can help ultimately contribute to campaign success. 

Full Reach Reporting 

Reach PR efforts across various channels and audiences through comprehensive analysis and measurement of campaign performance. Gain insights on whether you’re engaging your target audience as well as assessing the overall impact of your brand visibility, reputation and communicative goals.

🌐 Communicate Strategically:

We craft compelling narratives that resonate with your target audience, ensuring your message is not just heard but encapsulated.

🛡️ Manage Reputation:

Trust is paramount in business. We safeguard and enhance your reputation through proactive strategies, crisis management, and a commitment to maintaining your brand integrity.

📈 Amplify Visibility:

Launching a new product or service? Our PR campaigns are designed to captivate attention, ensuring your brand receives the visibility it deserves in the crowded market.

👥 Increase Stakeholder Engagement:

Forge meaningful connections with customers, investors, and employees. Our PR services create a dialogue, fostering relationships that go beyond transactions.

By seamlessly navigating both digital and print landscapes, PR maximises the exposure and positive representation of your brand, creating a well-rounded approach to media coverage. We have the expertise to help you stand out from the crowd, creating compelling content tailored to elevate your brand to new heights. 

Contact us today and let’s embark on a journey to redefine your brand narrative together.

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