Why AI Generated Content isn’t a Team Tortoise technique

29 March 2024

Jessica Blyth-Sweetingham on AI content

“In an era dominated by technological advancements, where artificial intelligence (AI) is hailed as the panacea for efficiency and innovation, our marketing and PR company proudly stands apart by choosing a different path. In a world increasingly reliant on algorithms and automated processes, we have deliberately embraced the power of the human touch.”

Chat GPT

It’s quite a funny concept to ask Chat GPT, one of the biggest generative AI platforms, why not to use such generative AI platforms for a marketing and PR company such as our own. 

With the extent of influence AI currently has globally, a question that companies like our own get asked often is, why do you not use it? So we thought we’d delve into some of the reasons why AI is not on our radar anytime soon. 

Dehumanised language choices 

“Hailed as the panacea for efficiency and innovation”… It’s entertaining to hear how AI describes itself in such an authoritative way despite asking it to speak negatively about itself (I guess in some ways this is human-like in terms of taking and accepting criticism). The language choice made by Chat GPT is clearly very complex and rather unhuman through the ‘lardy dardy’ colloquial language. I’d be very impressed if the majority of readers spoke like this, because I can’t say I know many people who use this language on a daily basis. 

Loss of brand identity  

When creating content that appeals to a direct audience, it needs to be understandable and unmistakable to a brand’s identity. That’s why it’s incredibly important to us that the content we create is authentic to our client and representative of their language and messaging. In the same way that with tortoises shells that no two in the world are the same, our clients are all unique, and we pride ourselves on taking our time getting to know them and understanding how they want us to speak about their brand. AI’s can generate the same style of content repeatedly, losing that sense of brand identity and personality that we offer with our content creation. 

Loss of imagination

A common criticism of AI is that it lacks human emotion because it does not have the biological systems to generate emotion as it is based on objective data and algorithms; therefore, it lacks the personalisation and creativity that come with content creation. We use a lot of creative writing in all the content that we create, and the dictionary definition of creative writing is writing that’s ’imaginative and inspiring’ – Collins Dictionary. To be imaginative in creating content, means stepping out of conventional ways of thinking and writing. I don’t doubt that AI writes creatively by taking various ideas from creative places on the internet, but there’s a different type of creativity when it comes to writing, which isn’t just using adjectival language but composing a story that’s enticing and grabs the audience’s attention. Creating a flow that isn’t so traditional but follows the client’s style is something that we do really well. 


A key concern that surrounds AI is the associated doubts around privacy and data protection. There’s a lack of transparency that raises concern about the unclarity of how the data collected is stored and used and how such decisions are made. We wouldn’t want to subject ourselves to this responsibility around data. It’s also thought that AI is biassed due to it being based on vast amounts of personal data, such as unintentionally favouring or excluding certain groups based on factors like race, gender, or socioeconomic status. This must be avoided with all content creation to remain unbiased, which is without a doubt a necessity for any company. 

Incorporating AI isn’t in the current plan for Talking Tortoise. With the advancing technical world, it’s pretty amazing what AI can do, but we want to stay authentic and true to our clients, and for now, we won’t be using AI. Instead, we will continue to create unique, imaginative, and personalised content.If you’re interested in any of our services or want to discover what we can do for you, get in touch today.

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