Talking Tortoise joins Shakespeare’s England to help shape the future of West Midlands tourism

14 March 2024

Talking Tortoise Shakespeare's England

We are thrilled to announce that Talking Tortoise is now officially a member of Shakespeare’s England, the official tourism body for the South Warwickshire region.

We’re proud to be part of a community dedicated to sharing the tourism landscape of South Warwickshire, the county in which we’re based. 

What does Shakespeare’s England do?

Shakespeare’s England actively promotes the South Warwickshire region, working towards attracting more business and leisure visitors. 

“The main objective of Shakespeare’s England is to put South Warwickshire on the map, actively promoting what the region has to offer and developing our identity for the area.” Shakespeare’s England Website

By aligning with this vision, we are an integral part of the mission to showcase what Warwickshire has to offer.

What does this mean for Talking Tortoise?

Being part of Shakespeare’s England is a great opportunity for us to now be part of a close-knit community of local businesses that share a common vision for our region. Working with a range of tourist attractions, it’s a great chance for us to gain exclusive access to industry insights and research. With our dedicated focus on becoming The Tourist Attraction Agency, these insights will help us stay ahead of the latest trends and developments in tourism, benefiting our array of tourist attractions in the area. 

One of the greatest advantages of joining Shakespeare’s England is the partnerships we look forward to creating by connecting with like-minded businesses in the area. By being connected to this community, we’ve become a vital player in the collective efforts to enhance the tourism experience in Warwickshire. 

What does this mean for the future?

Joining Shakespeare’s England is a commitment to shaping the future of South Warwickshire’s tourism landscape and a dedication to being the country’s leading tourist attraction agency. 

Through networking opportunities, access to industry insights, and collaboration with key players, we can play a vital role in showcasing what South Warwickshire has to offer—our home and the home of many of our clients. 

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