Top tips for growing strawberries in summer

07 June 2023

British red strawberries.

Given their delicious, sweet taste and their availability throughout the whole summer period, Strawberries are a favourite fruit of both the young and old. What makes Strawberries even more popular is the ease with which they can be grown in gardens and allotments of all sizes.

Strawberries are so easy to grow that you can even grow them in a container or hanging basked if you are really limited by your available space.

Favorite varieties here in the UK include the classic Albion strawberry, renowned for their heavy crop and ability to produce fruits throughout the entire season.

If you are savvy, you can procure new strawberry plants for free by nurturing the runners which each plant will produce in late summer.

If you fancy something a bit different try the ‘Musk Strawberry’ which dates back to medieval times in the UK and tastes like pineapple. We have the Musk Strawberry growing here at Spetchley Gardens in our Vegetable Garden.

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