Titanic passenger train journey re-created

12 April 2023

Titanic train at Watercress line in Hampshire.

The 111th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic was remembered in Southampton as members of the British Titanic Society travelled to the historic city for their annual convention. The convention was hosted at the Leonardo Royal Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton. The highlight of the convention included a commissioned steam train taking delegates back in time as they relived the final land journey of hundreds of Titanic passengers. ‘The Titanic Boat Train Heritage Trust Special’ train travelled down the Watercress Heritage Railway line from Alton to Arlesford on the exact line which was travelled from Waterloo to Southampton by many passengers from the capital for the Titanic’s maiden and only voyage. Delegates assembled from Friday the 14th April to Sunday 16th.

Guests were also surprised to be the first in the world to navigate the Titanic in virtual reality as part of a special preview of the most comprehensive virtual Titanic model and sinking simulation ever constructed.

The British Titanic Society’s Press Officer, Jessica Blyth-Sweetingham said: “As a result of our extraordinary weekend in Southampton, I know that our delegates and members are already looking forward to our 2024 convention in Belfast.’’ Over 500 households from across Southampton lost a family member because of the sinking of the ship after it collided with an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean.

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