Privately kept primates “now at risk”

17 May 2023

De Brazza Guenon.

The recent announcement that the Conservative Party have axed the Kept Animals Bill which was set to be introduced to create higher standards of animal welfare across the United Kingdom has been condemned by a leading exotic animal expert. The new bill would have given local authorities greater powers to enforce welfare improvements for all kept animals including pets and those animals kept at zoos.

The bill would have delivered on the Conservative 2019 manifesto commitments to end the export of live animals for fattening and slaughter, tackle puppy smuggling and ban the keeping of primates as pets. Wildlife expert and IUCN wildlife health specialist, Dr. Matt Hartley was one of the authors of the Code of Practice for Privately Kept Primates which was the first step in a long process on having legislation to protect primates.

“We felt that the updated licensing regime would have provided a range of tools to address welfare issues in primates when identified. It is unfortunately too common that privately kept primates are subjected to poor conditions”, said Dr. Hartley.

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