Pancake Tortoises arrive at Worcestershire zoo

13 February 2024

Pancake Tortoises at All Things Wild.

A trio of critically endangered pancake tortoises have arrived at a Worcestershire Zoo. Dutch, Nate and Blueberry arrived at All Things Wild from Tropical World Zoo, almost twenty-three years after being seized by UK Border Force. The tortoises are native to Tanzania and Kenya but are considered Critically Endangered by the IUCN (International Union of Conservation for Nature). The underside of a pancake tortoise’s shell is soft allowing the tortoise to squeeze into crevices in rocky terrains. The number of pancake tortoises in the wild continues to fall due to their popularity in the pet trade, with live tortoises being illegally poached from their native range on a regular basis to meet demand in Europe and Asia. There are estimated to be less than 5,000 pancake tortoises remaining in the wild.

“Pancake Tortoises continue to face a huge number of threats in the wild. Their unique appearance makes them a popular choice in the illegal pet trade, whilst economic development in their home country means that there is less and less habitat available for this critically endangered species,” said Animal Manager, Matthew Parker. “Anybody considering keeping a pancake tortoise as a pet should reconsider as these animals require very specific environmental conditions. We‘re delighted to have them at All Things Wild where our team of qualified zookeepers will ensure they have everything they need to thrive for years to come.”

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