‘Projecting hope’ for elephants and rhinos

14 August 2023

Endangered Black Rhino

Midlands-based conservation charity, Twycross Zoo, has partnered up with Dr. Lisa Yon at the University of Nottingham, to launch a UK first. Holograms of critically endangered Javan rhinos and endangered African elephants are to be installed in an exciting exhibition at the zoo, opening to the public on Tuesday 15 August 2023.

The project, aptly entitled ‘Projecting Hope’, provides a novel, attention-grabbing and brand-new way for visitors to discover and engage with endangered species. Using exciting technology, developed at the University of Portsmouth, the zoo will project 50cm holograms of critically endangered Javan rhinos and endangered African elephants. Alongside the hologram, the exhibition will also feature light-up infographics, and engaging displays explaining the threats of these iconic species and the work that can be done to protect them.

Dr. Lisa Yon from the Elephant Welfare Project said: “There is no doubting that humans are the reason both elephants and rhinos are at risk of extinction, but they can also be the solution. I’m thrilled to have collaborated on this project with the team at Twycross Zoo.”

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