Megalodon jaw on display at Telford zoo

09 February 2024

Exotic Zoo Director, Scott Adams with Megalodon tooth.

A life size cast of a megalodon jaw is set to go on display at a Telford Natural History Museum, ahead of the February half-term. The life-size cast measuring over 5ft high and over 5ft wide contains 276 teeth cast from real megalodon teeth and has travelled to the UK from Ukraine as part of a new exhibition going on display at Exotic Zoo in Telford Central Park. Alongside the megalodon jaw, the new exhibition will also showcase some of the largest real megalodon teeth discovered, with visitors getting the chance to get their hands on the teeth and view them close up. With a bite force three times greater than that of a tyrannosaurus rex, it is thought that the pressure from a megalodons bite would have been sufficient to cut the average family car in to two pieces.

Museum Curator and Exotic Zoo Director, Scott Adams said: “Our visitors are always fascinated by our dinosaur exhibition, we’re proud to have assembled such an amazing and unique collection of genuine dinosaur fossils and other fossils found in one place.” Very few people realise that Shropshire isa fantastic place to find fossils. Despite being hours away from the coast, it is still possible to find amazing fossils in Shropshire. Places such as Wenlock Edge and Mortimer Forest are amongst some of the best spots in the country for finding fossils dating back to the Silurian period, almost 500 million years ago,” Mr Adams added.

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