Marmosets rescued from parrot cage

21 November 2022

Marmosets at Fife Zoo

A trio of marmosets which were rescued by an animal and wildlife charity have been given a brand-new home at Fife Zoo.

The ‘New Arc’ animal charity based in Aberdeenshire, are more familiar with rescuing domestic animals such as rabbits and gerbils but were left appalled to find the trio of monkeys living in a parrot cage providing inadequate space, heating and behavioral enrichment.

Upon being contacted, Fife Zoo agreed to provide a new home to the animals and worked quickly to create a purpose-built enclosure for the marmoset family.

Marmosets Mama, Mila and Mycroft are all related. Following a period of rehabilitation at Fife Zoo, the monkeys are now on display to the public.

Fife Zoo’s Director Mike Knight said: “The three marmosets have had a terrible start to life and were rescued from horrendous conditions. Exotic animals such as marmosets do not make good pets and require specialist care to maintain their overall health and well-being.”

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