Fennec Foxes make epic journey to UK

04 December 2023

Fennec Fox at All Things Wild, Worcestershire.

A pair of Fennec Foxes have arrived at their new home, following a 1,500 mile trip from their former home in Hungary. The two brothers have arrived at All Things Wild, Worcestershire. The move across Europe was made as part of a European wide breeding programme initiative to safeguard the species from extinction. Fennec Foxes are the world’s smallest species of Fox. Fennec foxes have thick fur on their feet to protect their skin from burning on hot sand, but the animals are most famously known for their large bat shaped ears. It is hoped that the pair who will be celebrating their first birthday next month, will be joined by female companions in the future, allowing the conservation centre to support maintain a European insurance population of the species.

“We’re delighted to welcome Lazlo and Pascal to All Things Wild. Having the foxes at the centre allows us to educate the public about the threats that animals are facing in the wild due to climate change and habitat loss,” said animal keeper, Matthew Parker. “We are hoping to add to the number of Fennec Foxes we keep at the zoo in the coming years as part of our commitment to the European Breeding Programme.” The Fennec Fox enclosure is located a short walk from All Things Wild’s seasonal ‘Tinsel Town’ Christmas events space. All Things Wild is open every day during December and January with the exception of Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

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