Baby lambs mark start of Spring

28 February 2024

Baby lambs have been born at Mini Meadows Farm in Northamptonshire.

A Northamptonshire farm park is celebrating the safe arrival of a fluffy flock of baby lambs just in time for the meteorological ‘start of Spring.’ 

Over twenty lambs have arrived at the Mini Meadows Farm, near Welford, since the middle of February.  

According to meteorologists including those at the Met Office, Spring starts officially on the first day of March each year. Astronomists normally consider that Spring commences at Spring Equinox, which takes place on Wednesday 20th March 2024. 

The arrival of baby lambs is the latest success at Mini Meadows, which was established in 2008 by owner, Ben Barraclough. The entrepreneur had initially purchased an empty field to breed and sell rare breed chickens, but the farm park now includes an expansive indoor soft play area, cafe and outdoor farm park. 

“Seeing the lambs in the fields really does mark the official start of Spring. This year we have welcomed over twenty baby lambs so far and the number of new arrivals grows each day, whether it be lambs, piglets, chicks or ducklings,” said Mr Barraclough. 

“The arrival of the lambs is the most highly anticipated news of the whole year. We have regular customers calling us up from any time just after Christmas to find out when they can come down to the farm and bottle feed the lambs.” 

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