App can boost captive elephant welfare

17 February 2023

Elephant at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm

An app designed to improve the welfare of elephants in zoos, wildlife parks, and other facilities across the world has been created by researchers at the University of Nottingham.

The scientifically rigorous app, known as the ‘Elephant Welfare App’ (EWA) is designed to be easy to use for people caring for elephants in zoos, safari parks, and other settings.

The app collects data allowing zoos and safari parks to monitor the welfare of their elephants over time, and identify changes that ultimately improve their welfare.

World leading elephant researcher Dr. Lisa Yon, an Associate Professor from the School of Veterinary Medicine & Science at the University of Nottingham, led the team which developed the app.

‘’Both African and Asian elephants are now endangered in the wild and are at great risk of extinction. Zoo elephants may represent an important population for conservation of these species.”

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