Adult Dyslexia diagnosis a relief for author

17 May 2023

John Crawshaw Author

Originally from Yorkshire, John Crawshaw, 53, has battled with the effects of dyslexia throughout his life, with the author admitting that the condition took him to the brink of despair during his early years. John proclaims that he had ‘never read a novel’ before writing his first book in 2022.

His first book, The Swing, follows the journey of lovers Charlotte and Peter who are unlikely kindred spirits who embark on a passionate love affair, before facing the inevitable obstacles of falling in love across the class divide.

‘’At school I was often referred to as being thick or useless. Reading and writing didn’t come naturally to me like all of the other children in the class. I didn’t receive any support from my teachers, I was just assumed to be of a lower intelligence level than everyone else. It was only later in my life that I was diagnosed as dyslexic and really began to understand the challenges that I faced my whole life.’’ John said.

John published his debut novel ‘The Swing’ in autumn 2022, The sequel to ‘The Swing’ will be officially released on Friday 27th May 2023.

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